Project Info

If you are reading this, you are likely to have received a Fine Parking Ticket. Thank you for visiting the site, you have now paid your fine.

The Fine Parking Company was instigated directly as a consequence of finding the dreaded yellow and black stickers on Three Green Dots company vehicles. The negative emotions and expletives unleashed on receipt of a parking ticket or Parking Charge Notice is unrivalled. Working as The Fine Parking Ticket Company, we wanted to see if we could reverse that emotion.

Discovering a parking ticket on a vehicle has a large impact on a person’s day compounded by a possible altercation with the traffic warden, not to mention the monetary implication of the fine itself.

The Fine Parking Ticket is issued in exactly the same way as a standard parking ticket, so the initial reaction of its discovery will be the same. It comes in the usual official yellow wallet and visually at first glance follows the same format as the original. However here the similarity ends.  It is written in a completely different way – the outcome on reading being immediate relief much, we hope, to its recipient’s amusement. Hence a complete reversal of the usual emotional response.

N.B Apologises for any stress caused, we hope you can see the funny side.


7 responses to “Project Info

  1. Phew! Much amused after initial harrumphing and groaning, as you might imagine. Good work all round.

  2. Genius! You should sell packets of the tickets, by the 100, and we can all have fun “putting them about” and watching the reactions.. it’s deliciously funny! Hey! I could use them on all the cars that park near our school on double yellows.. :o)

  3. I hope 1000 lemurs defecate in your azaleas (azaleas do not like lemur scat)

  4. Steven Fry Got One Of These 🙂

  5. Stephen Fry just tweeted that he got one of your tickets.
    He has 3 million followers so well done there!

  6. I found this page via Stephen Frys tweet, and couldnt help but laugh! This is such a beautifully cruel prank and id love see my boyfriends face if he gets one!

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